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Toyo Tires

Shop Our Incredible Selection of Toyo Tires

Signature Performance Tire Pros is proud to be an authorized seller of Toyo tires for cars, light trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles. No matter where the road takes you or the conditions you’ll be driving in, you’ll find a quality set of tires to perfectly match your vehicle and driving habits. We offer complete installation, wheel balancing, and alignment services to ensure you’re ready to go with your new tires.

Find Your Toyo Tire

Since 1966, Toyo has been offering tires with unbelievable performance for all types of vehicles and driving conditions. It’s no wonder they’ve become such a popular tire option for everything from the family minivan to the rugged 4×4. What type of tires are you looking for?

Open Country

This line of tires for light trucks and SUVs includes options for those that need a maximum traction tire in all-season conditions or those who want more of a highway tire. Need a little of both? Choose one of the many on/off-road selections.


Toyo excels at high-performance and competition tire production. It doesn't matter if you need performance on the highway or in competition at the track; the Proxes line of tires provides exceptional handling on dry or wet surfaces while offering extended tread life.

Versado Noir

For the typical car driver, the Versado Noir is anything but a typical tire offering excellent traction and durability for passenger cars. This touring tire option is an all-season performer to handle any weather condition 12 months of the year.


For those who want quality without breaking the bank, Extensa tires provide just that. With a high-performance all-season tire backed by a 45,000-mile warranty or the touring all-season model with a 75,000-mile treadwear warranty, there's an affordable choice for any car, light truck, or SUV.


If you take your vehicle up north or to the mountains, Celsius tires are designed to provide superior snow and ice traction above standard all-season tires. But they are still suitable for dry roads year-round. Find options for cars, sports cars, and SUVs.


More winter weather options if you’ll be tackling those conditions. The Observe series offers studless and studdable winter and ice traction tires for passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs. Enjoy better traction and a smooth ride.

Commercial Tires

The H-Line and M-Line tires are geared toward the commercial van and commercial off-road vehicle owners who want a long-lasting tire designed by the trusted manufacturers at Toyo tires.

Toyo Tires for Any Vehicle and Any Conditions

When you purchase a set of Toyo Tires from Signature Performance Tire Pros, you’re guaranteed a quality product with installation services backed by a worry-free warranty. Customers will find a great selection of all-season, touring, off-road, and performance tires for their passenger vehicles, SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff and professional customer service, and find your next set of Toyo tires today.

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