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Falken Tires

Find Falken Tires in Costa Mesa, CA

You can find an affordable pair of Falken tires at Signature Performance Tire Pros with expert installation by our team for a smooth and safe ride in your vehicle. Falken is known for its high-performance tires, but its expertise goes far beyond the race track. They offer a complete line of tires for all foreign and domestic cars, light trucks, minivans, and SUVs. No matter what kind of car owner you are, Falken has manufactured a specific tire just for you. Schedule an appointment for new tires with us today.

Falken Tires for All Driving Conditions

Falken’s commitment to safety and performance shines through with their rigorous testing in various conditions to ensure their products meet the high standards of their brand. No matter what type of driving or surface you find yourself on, Falken delivers reliability to get you there safely. Choose from:

All-Season Passenger Tires

This is one of the most popular choices for car owners across the board since they are ideal for passenger cars, sports cars, crossovers, and more. They handle superbly in all weather conditions ensuring you have complete peace of mind on the road, 12 months of the year.

Performance Summer Tires

Falken brings the AZENIS line to the track with a DOT-approved performance tire that handles impeccably on dry track conditions, allowing you to hug the corners and open it up on the straightaways. These are suited for both track and everyday driving.

Winter Tires

For those who might head to colder climates or the mountains, winter tires will handle the adverse weather you might encounter that we don't really see around here. Venturing out on a road trip to a wintery destination? We've got you covered with tires.

Light Truck & SUV Tires

Falken offers the ZIEX and WILDPEAK line of tires for light trucks and SUVs. Depending on your drive, you’ll find options for smooth comfort on the highway or something that can handle off-road conditions when you face them.

Schedule Tire Service Today

Browse our selection of Falken Tires online from the comfort of your own home. We offer the convenience of picking out your Falken tires and scheduling an appointment online when it suits your schedule. Not sure what you need? Visit us at Signature Performance Tire Pros and speak with a tire expert today. We’ll help you choose the right Falken tire for your vehicle.

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