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Vehicle Wheel Alignment Services

When you want a smooth ride in your car, truck, or SUV, visit Signature Performance Tire Pros for complete suspension and wheel alignment services for any foreign or domestic models. The vehicle’s suspension system connects the tires to the car’s body. When we talk about wheel alignments, we’re talking about more than just your tires and wheels. We perform a thorough alignment of your car’s entire suspension system for safer driving and better performance.

car alignment

Benefits of Wheel Alignment Services

A wheel alignment should be performed whenever your vehicle is outfitted with new tires, which we complete for all of our customers who purchase tires from us. However, even if you’re not getting new tires, there are cases when your car might need an alignment, such as after bumping a curb or hitting a large pothole. Vehicle manufacturers also recommend performing this service regularly as part of preventative maintenance. Understanding its benefits is reason enough to include it in your maintenance program. You’ll enjoy:

  • A smoother ride
  • Better gas mileage
  • Improved steering
  • Longer-lasting tires
tire replacement

Signs Your Car Might Need an Alignment

As the person who spends the most time behind the wheel of your vehicle, it’s always critical you pay attention to when your car is starting to feel or sound different. When you notice it does, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us so we can properly diagnose the issue and fix it safely. When you need a wheel alignment, some things you might notice include:

  • The vehicle pulling to the right or left
  • A steering wheel that is off-center when driving straight
  • Vibrations when turning
  • Uneven tire wear

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Today

While the conditions mentioned above could also be related to other issues with your vehicle, the important thing to remember when you notice a change in how it drives or how it sounds is to bring it to the experienced auto technicians at Signature Performance Tire Pros in Costa Mesa, CA for proper servicing. We’re committed to providing honest and reliable services to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. Think it’s time for a wheel alignment? Contact us today.

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