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Lifting, Leveling, and Lowering Kit Installation

Signature Performance Tire Pros offers more than just car maintenance and repairs. Our auto shop provides a complete line of customization products for cars, trucks, and SUVs, including lifting, leveling, and lowering kit installation. When you want to add an aggressive look to your truck or drop your sports car down a few inches, you can rely on our local experts to add custom touches for better performance and eye-catching style. Contact us to learn more about our options and pricing for your vehicle.

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Suspension Lift Kit Installation

Considering a lift kit for your truck? It’s a fantastic addition, not only because of the tougher look it brings to the road, but there’s a host of other benefits you may or may not have considered when lifting your suspension, such as:

  • Increased clearance for the undercarriage
  • A better handle through more challenging terrain
  • Better visibility
  • Ability to install bigger tires
  • Easier access underneath the truck
car underbody

Lowering Kits for Foreign and Domestic Cars

One of the best ways to significantly improve the look of any car is by lowering it a few inches to the road. In addition to the visual appeal, there are some great benefits to having us install a lowering kit, including:

  • Having a lower center of gravity
  • Experiencing better handling
  • Improving the aerodynamics
  • Increasing the car’s traction
  • Gaining more road feel

Leveling Kits for Trucks

The reason your truck isn’t level is a purposeful design in manufacturing. Assuming most trucks will be used to carry heavy loads in the bed, the rear of an empty truck sits higher than the nose. As it’s loaded, it will be level instead of sagging in the back. If you want the benefits of a higher frame for larger tires, our experts install leveling kits to bring the nose of the truck up, enabling you to get the increased space you need.

Learn More About Lift and Lowering Kits

Our team at Signature Performance Tire Pros in Costa Mesa, CA installs lifting, leveling, and lowering kits for car, truck, and SUV owners throughout the region. There are numerous benefits to each of these options. However, the one thing all of our customers have in common is the pride they take in the look of their vehicle on the road and what it says about them. Contact us to learn more about our professional and custom lift and lowering kits installation today.

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